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How the Design Process Began

July 16, 2009

For years I have been making crafts. As many of my friends and family know, they get my latest project for birthday and Christmas gifts.  Mainly because I think something handmade has your best energy and intentions in it. I was laid off from my job in 2001 and started sewing hair bands for a friend who had a huge order for a cheerleader camp. After that I got orders to sew or repair items. So, I started my craft business called Rojo Ocho. I made purses,hair bands, place mats, tablecloths etc. Anything with a straight edge (I still don’t know how to put in a zipper!). Making those items helped me through the layoff and through 9/11, as I was glued to the TV while working on sewing orders. After that, I made handmade grapevine wreaths, and baskets of light. Then I stopped doing crafts and started doing computer repair, which I really enjoyed.

Next phase – A neighbor who is a jewelry designer for Starfire Designs (hand wrapped gems) asked if I knew how to do knotted beading as they needed some help. I printed out instructions from the Internet and taught myself how to do it. Once I became good enough Starfire hired me as a contract labour to make knot all their pearls and gem necklaces. I really enjoyed it and the extra money kept the wolf from the door was I was very sick at the time with bronchitis. But I could sit on the sofa and make the necklaces between coughing fits. I also made purses to sell as well.

Years passed and another friend of mine began to make earrings. I liked what she did and later started to make them with some stones and gems my friend gave me when she gave up beading. I bought some pieces of silver and gold wire and began to make jewelery. I found it really relaxing, and I loved the craft. I bought more wire and stones and became busy making more earrings and necklaces.

So this is how it all began…my life as a crafter.


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