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Feeling a bit overwhelmed

July 17, 2009

Today it all seems a bit overwhelming. I set a deadline for myself to “go live” by Aug 1. I am trying to write descriptions of the items that I plan to sell. I need to make more items, take the photos, make sure everything gets onto the Etsy and Wpress site, design my Etsy site. Settle on which photos to make into a logo and banner. I need to make bags for the sterling and gold jewelry. I need to make or buy cards to put the earrings and necklaces onto. I need to get a paper notarized so I can get a business account. I have to think about keeping spreadsheets on all expenses as there is no income at this time. I need to set shipping fees and update my paypal account; I will need packing material and boxes, a small scale. Oey! I am a little overwhelmed as I am also working a full time job and, trying to remodel my 1920’s house and keep up with my yard and garden. Whew I need to take a deep breath. I am trying to keep up with everyone on twitter and facebook. If you miss an hour there are so many posts. Social media and networking it’s the wave of the future but it is so instant so right this moment.


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