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How BeckLee Cottage Designs Was Born

July 17, 2009

A friend from the UK who was visiting for awhile asked me to make her wedding jewelry. So that is where the design aspect came to be. I had started to use the name BeckLee in a blog where I wrote stories and kids books. Beck is my grandmothers maiden name and the middle name of my Uncle Jim. Lee is my middle name and the middle name of a lot of family members. I found out that Beck also means stream or river in old English and lee means shelter. It is also the name I gave my little house I bought this year…BeckLee Cottage. So I digress, while in the UK (my first time) in the late spring of this year while sitting at my friend’s kitchen table designing her wedding jewelry. She told me what she wanted and I made it right then and there. We started to brain storm about what kind of business could I do where I could live in both countries. As she is planning her wedding she said I should do wedding jewelry and accessories. So it was born, in Weston-super-Mare in a kitchen in Aspen park while the rain pounded down outside.

Look for my next post soon – about the process and how it has affected how I think about things.

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