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Tuesday Featured Crafter:PAPERMAJIK

July 20, 2010

I found Pam while searching for Asheville Etsy crafter’s. She featured me on her blog and I wanted to share her blog and other sites with you.

A little about Pam and her craft

I have been making paper since 1990 when I took a two week course at Penland School of Crafts (NC). I love all aspects of the process–the noise of the blender, the quietness of the water sloshing, the repetition of motion and the hydraulic press which binds the fibers together.

Each sheet of paper is “pulled” from a vat of pulp, which looks like soupy mashed potatoes on a screen set called a mould and deckle. The pulp which I use for stationery is abaca fibers which are a relative of the banana plant. It creates a smooth writing surface. The top frame is taken off and the paper is pressed onto blankets. Repeating that set of motions creates each paper. I add flowers, ferns and leaves to create the front of the card. I take a post or bunch of paper through a drying process and only after that can I fold and package the cards as finished.

After this brief description, I hope that people will try handmade paper because each sheet is different and handmade. When I send a card, people say that they keep the card forever because it is different and unique!

If anyone has any questions, I would love to answer them.

One of my fav's from Pams Etsy

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