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Tuesday Feature

August 17, 2010

Tuesday Feature akcArt

This week it is a new favorite from Etsy AckArt from St. Charles, Missouri. I love the colors and abstract qualities of the art. Here we go with some questions for AckArt.

I would like for you to pick your 3 fav’s to put up with the article

Favorite 3

How did you get started?

I took the plunge last September! I have always wanted to paint, but hadn’t really tried! I taught school for 6 years (4 of them in 1st grade), so I dabbled in cutesy things appropriate for 1st graders, but nothing too elaborate. My older son had taken an Art class his senior year of college and I was quite impressed with his work (he’s pretty artistic to begin with)! Between him and going to local Art shows, I decided I would try abstract painting. The more I did, the more I liked it! Then I started running out of walls for all my paintings, so I started looking for an online gallery for new artists. In April I found Etsy! I then got the idea from my husband to make hand painted cards and that’s how I got started!


Another favorite

What inspires you?

My husband and sons inspire me! I see how each of them have stepped out of their safety zones, which has inspired me to step out of mine! Putting my work on Etsy was a BIG step for me! I am also inspired by people who do the right thing, for the sake of doing the right thing….not for money or recognition! Lastly, I am inspired by all that I am blessed with personally. I am so grateful for all that I am, all that I am allowed to do, and all that I have!

Another favorite

Where is your hometown? and current location?

My hometown is St. Louis, Mo (actually a suburb called Dellwood)! Go Cards! My current location is St Charles, Mo (across the river from St. Louis). St. Charles started out as a small, farming community and has grown to a major city in Missouri.

What do you like about where you live now?

We have been here 13 years and at the time we could get a lot more house for the money in St. Charles! What keeps us here is we LOVE our neighbors. Many of them have become close friends, more like family!

How did you begin with your art?

Very slowly, very hesitantly!! 🙂 As I explained earlier, this was a big step for me, to allow others to view something so personal! My art is a part of me and when you display it to others, you open yourself up in a very different way, one which I don’t think I had really experienced before. Probably came close to this when I was teaching, but this was still different for me because I really had not been trained. My art is something I have done all on my own.

What do you do for fun?

Everyday I walk 2-3 miles with my Golden Retriever! I love to read, mostly non-fiction! I love to cook (is actually a part of my part-time job)! I love to play cards, Wii, and board games with my husband and sons, friends, whomever! I love to watch movies, especially the classics. AND I love to coffeeshop hop with my gal pals! When I played golf, I loved it depending on they day!

Your comments about anything:

I am really enjoying my Art and I enjoy being on Etsy! I have made a lot of Etsy friends! Fellow Etsians have been very supportive (like you BeckLee) and I have been uplifted by many of their comments and conversations! Thanks to you BeckLee for featuring me! I am so honored to have been asked to do this!
13 August 2010 3:25pm EDT

Here is my favorite

Becklee's Favorite

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