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Tuesday Feature: TheRitzyRose

August 31, 2010

Here is our Feature. New Etsy shop,TheRitzyRose. I was hooked right away by the quality of the photographs and the way she presented her products. Welcome to The Ritzy Rose, take a look at this beautiful shop!

I would like for you to pick your 3 fav’s

First Favorite

Vintage Prom Dress

Here Comes The Bride

How did you get started with Etsy?

I started out as a buyer years before I listed my first item. I have purchased more things from the talented artists on Etsy than I can count! I got married this May, and I received a package on my doorstep almost every day after work leading up to the wedding. I found all of the parts and pieces I needed for all of my DIY projects here. I always knew that as soon as the wedding was over, I would turn my creative energy into selling my designs.

What inspires you?

Anything vintage. Good vintage. Bad vintage. I am fascinated by the colors and the cuts of past fashion and accessories. I am excited that it’s becoming more than a little trend, it’s a way of life. I think we’re reacting to the fact that everything is so disposable and electronic these days, and we long for a time when things were thoughtfully and well made.

Where is your hometown? and current location?

I grew up in Rockland County, which is about a half hour outside of New York City. I went to college at Cornell in upstate New York. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio. About five years ago, I jumped on an opportunity to design for a great Columbus-based company. Shortly after, I met my husband (who grew up in Columbus) and now we’re happily settled here!

What do you like about where you live now?

Every weekend we have more antique shows and flea markets than we can possibly make it to. Ohio is also surrounded by dozens of small towns filled with vintage shops. My husband and I just did the World’s Longest Yard Sale… we drove 160 miles along route 127, hitting over a hundred yard sales! This sale goes from Michigan to Georgia and passes right through Ohio, and it is a blast! Columbus is also a young town with so many other creative professionals. I helped start a local group of creative women called Indieology. We get together once a month to network, share creative resources and talk about new business opportunities. It’s always based around a fun activity, whether we are learning how to letterpress in a local printing shop, or doing a wine tasting. The group has grown so much over the past three years, and I’ve met some incredible and like-minded people. I love it here!

How did you begin with your art?

I was actually a pre-med student during my first year of college. I started having doubts about that career path, so I took a few classes in apparel design at FIT in New York. I was hooked so I changed my major, and I’ve been happily designing ever since.

What is the most challenging thing about selling handmade items?

Getting started. I’ve always made things, but it’s scary when you step out there and begin selling your work. I can come up with a hundred reasons to not get started yet, but I know the time is right to get my work out there now.

Are you more creative in the morning or evening?

Definitely evening. I’ve always stayed up late into the night working on projects. I’ve been that way since I was a kid! The summer before my junior year in high school, I stayed up every single night writing a novel, and I’d sleep all day. I’m definitely a night owl!

What do you do for fun?

I am very lucky to have a husband who loves antiquing, junking and shopping just as much as I do! A perfect weekend for us is waking up bright and early to hit some good estate sales or drive to explore a small town, and maybe watch a little Ohio State football.

Your comments about anything:

I’ve found fabulous creations on Etsy for over two years. I am so happy to finally be a part of the selling community here. So far I’ve received so much support and positive feedback, and I’m really thrilled to be a part of the Etsy world. I can’t wait to make my first sale! UPDATE: She made her first sale !!!


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