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Weekly Recap and Tuesday Feature this week: A Soulful Journey

September 19, 2010

A very busy week last week, we had Plumrose Lane as our feature. I posted 10 new jewelry items, I was bought out twice in one night on Etsy BNR sellers sale, featured in 2 Etsy treasury’s, made some sales outside of Etsy, completed a custom knotting order and a did 7 repair orders.

One of the new items

Plus my regular job. Posted my first youtube video for my Diabetic Food blog and had an article published in EzineArticles

To top off my work week I was voted in as the newest member of the fabulous Inspiration Avenue Team. Wow, I am blown away they are all so talented. I am so thrilled.

I ran/walked in my first 5K race on Saturday. My cousin and I did the race together. It was an accomplishment for the both of us, we have lost quite a bit of weight and have regained control of our lives. Neither of us have ever participated in any kind of 5K race. We ran and fast walked the course in 52 minutes. Pretty good for two formerly overweight middle aged ladies. Later in the day her husband had his head shaved to raise money for Childhood Cancer research. They raised $26,000. There were a lot of bald heads at the end of the day.:-)

This weeks feature is a lovely shop I found on Etsy last week. A Soulful Journey So tune in on Tuesday to read all about the artist.

A Soulful Journey

  1. Paula permalink

    Congratulations on your 5K race! A huge endeavor! I applaud you for your tenacity! Isn’t it a fabulous feeling gaining control of your life? :)) Sounds like you had a bounteous week, one you much deserved!

    Wishing you a beautiful and blissful week ahead!

  2. Sounds like an fantastic week indeed! I’m so happy you had a great time at the race and did so well ~ truly moments to be proud of!!
    Here’s to another fabulous week ahead!

  3. thanks all, next race I will run most of the way. My daughter ran the half marathon…all of it, so proud, she did it just over 2 hours.

    happy almost monday to you

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