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Tuesday Feature: A Soulful Journey

September 21, 2010

Here we are again, it is Tuesday and today we feature a great new Etsy shop reccomended to me by last weeks feature; Plumrose Lane. I just love it when we all support each other. This was a great interview, I love her profile that says she comes from the End of the road Washington. I hope you enjoy reading about A Soulful Journey

I started with Etsy as an outlet for my desire to share the bits of whimsy I’ve created. I was so happy to see that there was finally a place to market my creative wares in a professional setting, all from the comforts of home, and with little overhead.

First Favorite

I would have to say that I am inspired daily my Mother Nature! A great many of my creations include a found treasure from one of my many strolls through our wooded pasture. My mood also tends to dictate how a piece might turn out. However, certain images, textiles, trims, and papers often lend themselves to a feel … therefore, they in themselves silently take on a life of their own!

I was born and grew up in Minnesota. Currently, my husband and I reside outside rural Endicott, Washington. We own a small oasis of acreage, which is surrounded by thousands of acres of wheat and alfalfa fields. Pure bliss!

I love our nest … each day I am blessed with blissful peace and quiet … the sights and sounds that encompass us are breathtaking. From the red-tailed hawk circling and keening in the sky, the abundant birdsong filtering the airwaves from tree branch to treetop, to the miniature soloist of a cricket chirping its heart out. Then there a moments of complete silence … as if all of nature’s choir has taken a moment of solace to embrace the the beauty before them.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been creating something. My grandmother and my mother were great role models of how to take snippets of ordinary items and transform them into works of art. When I’m not creating something, I’m rearranging the house and making new vignettes. Perhaps it is just second nature for me to look at something and envision what it could be.

My experience with Etsy has been wonderful! I started out making purchases. The sellers were so very personable and took much pride in their business. The items I purchased were just lovely and each transaction was so very smooth.

I am still quite new to Etsy, so I am learning much as I go. But for someone starting out, I would say it is helpful to research Etsy to determine the market price for the items you are going to sell. I also think it is important to have an attractive banner for your shop. One that will capture your audience’s attention and hopefully hold it as well as enhance your shop’s appearance. Then I say have fun … learn as you go, ask advice from successful sellers, and be open to change and revising your plan. Having a link from your blog is helpful too! I link my Etsy shop from my blog,

I love this one!

I tend to be more creative in the evenings. I spend many late nights curled up with my furry-footed ones, penning the stream of thoughts that flow throughout my mind. However, each morning I partake in brisk Nordic walk. During that time I tend to find inspiration for my writings. That half an hour puts me into a meditative state … I have written some of my better works while walking! My creative whimsies are just that, bursts of energy on the weekends and on rainy days when I have extra time. Sometimes newly found ribbons, images, and other delights will spur an afternoon of creativity.


When I’m not writing or crafting, I enjoy gardening, reading, playing with our cats, and antiquing, or just basking in the quiet.

Be sure to visit her shop.
Happy Tuesday

  1. What a wonderful interview and feature! I’m absolutely delighted to read more about this talented artist and creative soul! Thank you so much♥

  2. thanks for letting me know about her. Love the romantic feel to her art.

  3. Oh you’re quite welcome Linda, my pleasure! Paula is a true find, a genuine ancient soul.
    Ooh, and I see my repost showed up as a comment, how strange. Still learning my way around WP but it’s a blast – love the tools! Made my blog public today too, not much there but just had to repost your feature, whoot!

  4. cool, whats the blog address for your wordpress?

  5. Paula permalink

    Linda, thank you so very much for this treasured opportunity … It has been a pleasure meeting you! I look forward to meeting and reading about the talented souls your find!

    Wishing you a beautiful and blissful autumn day!

  6. Oh sorry about that, I thought if you clicked on my name it would take you to the blog. Here’s the url:

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