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Tuesday Feature: ARTANGEL

September 28, 2010

It is Tuesday again!  This week we feature the fabulous Etsy shop of Artangel. I was captivated right away by the hearts that feature in some of her work.  Everyday Stories is one of my favorites too.  I have recently gotten to know Angie through the group Inspiration Avenue. But was recommended by the Plumrose Lane support system:-).  Not only is she a wonderful artist but she has a great sense of humor too.  I asked her to pick  4 of her favorites to feature in this post. So please  enjoy and read all about her.  Best to all BL

How did you get started with Etsy? A friend convinced me to try to sell some of my art online – she suggested ebay. I gave it a go, sold a few pieces, then someone from one of the ebay art boards mentioned etsy. I’ve never looked back! I love being surrounded by such a wealth of talent, variety of work and great community spirit.

Custom Hearts

What inspires you? I’m very drawn to colour; conversely I love both strong, rich tones but also muted, subtle shades. I am also fascinated by memories, collections and keepsakes, and the way people invest things with emotion and meaning. I love using items that have been used and discarded in my work – I like giving them a new life.

Where is your hometown? and current location? I was born and still live in Manchester, in the North West of England.

Peacock Feather

What do you like about where you live now? I love that I’m close to a bustling city centre with easy access to galleries, nightlife, restaurants and shops, yet I’m still only an hour or so drive from the sea or beautiful countryside. I also love the Manchester people – we have some real “salt of the earth” Northern characters!

How did you begin with your art? I don’t feel that I ever “began” as such, or made a concision decision to make art, it’s just always been part of me. I spent hours on end drawing as a little girl, and the obsession has never left me (though I’ve now moved on to paints and mixed media).

Sixteen Hearts - Pale Blue/Neutrals

How would you describe your experience with etsy? A steep, but fun, learning curve!

What advice would you give to a Etsy beginner? Take great photos. With online selling photos count for so much. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice – the etsy forums are a goldmine of great advice and tips! And finally – do what you love and love what you do – never get so caught up in the scramble for views and sales that you stop enjoying the creative process.

Do you sell your products on other sites? If so link to them if you like. I focus mainly on etsy but I do also have a small shop on Folksy (a UK site) –

Are you more creative in the morning or evening? Well it’s always easier to paint when the light’s good, but other than that I don’t really have a preference. I have had the odd painting session when I’ve been really involved and then realized it was 2 a.m.!

Everyday Stories

What do you do for fun? Art! I also love the cinema, reading (I’ve just finished “The Book Thief” – a fab book and I’d recommend it to anyone), and catching up with my friends.

  1. Wonderful feature! And, once again, you’ve chosen such a wonderful person to showcase! It’s great fun getting to “know” fellow artisans.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! You’ve managed to capture the essence of Angie and she did such a fabulous job with the interview – all was SO true!!
    On a side note I found it rather amusing I’m a ‘support system’ now, lol!
    Great job Linda!!

  3. Thanks, it is true you are a great support system and so is Cyndi.

  4. Thank you so very much Linda for such a wonderful feature, and your kind compliments, how exciting to see it all finished! I’m flattered to be featured on such a beautiful blog 🙂

  5. pritilisa permalink

    Angie the Art Angel Rocks! And you have rocked this interview, Linda! So nice to have met you, Linda, you have a really fun blog:)

    • thanks it is really great getting to know folks from the InsAve. Everyone is sooooo nice. I look forward to meeting everyone.

  6. I really love your use of colour, beautifil pieces & thank you Linda for taking time to interview Etsy sellers, you are a gem oxoxo

  7. Great interview- I LOVE Angie’s work! This is such a lovely way to recognize people and get to know them at the same time,
    Thanks for doing this!

  8. I did not know Angie until Sharon recommended her for the feature. It is a great way to get to know someone. I think it helps me to see how others approach their creative process. As far as interviews go I co-wrote a book in the 90’s about how songwriters create. The Soul of a Writer is the name of the book.It turns out all creative people are a lot alike! Next week new another new Etsy shop!

  9. I am a fan of angie’s work! This is such an inspiring interview! It’s really nice to get to know her more. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

  10. thanks, I know I just met her and I would like to have all of her art.

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