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Tuesday Feature: Jasmoon

October 5, 2010

Today we talk to a new Etsy shop curator; Jasmoon from London. Sharon from Plumrose Lane suggested Jasmoon as a possible candidate for a the Tuessday Feature. I am so glad that she did. I love the whimsy and dimension of her work. I feel as if I have stepped into a fairy tale. I can’t wait to see more from this very talented woman. Enjoy and read all about Jasmoon

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How did you get started with Etsy?

I actually opened my shop in 2007 but did not really use until 2010.
I started making dolls and finally built up the courage to list on Etsy, prior to this I was nervous and apprehensive about my art, & I wondered how I would feel if they did not sell.
When my first doll sold I was overjoyed, my trial piece, the dipping of my toe in the water so to speak.
I decided at that point that I would use my Etsy shop to sell my creations.
First selling my doll creations, then later this year my codex type wooden B.O.O.K designs
(book of open knowledge) pages will also be available separately, like a type of book of shadows (Bos) but lighter in feel.
By Dec there will be more choice available to purchase Oooo I am excited!
Such as bees waxed canvas/wood paintings, handmade books, & papier-mache’ too!

What inspires you?

OOooo my love of mythology & lore!
The mystic surrounding our ancient cultures, nature, our history holds wisdom/knowledge we need to cherish. Art forms allow me to experiment echoes of that past.

Where is your hometown? Current location?

My hometown is good old SW London also my current location.

What do you like about where you live now?

Diversity, availability and good transport.
I do however miss a more natural environment but I consider myself lucky to have a beautiful park tucked away nearby that I visit often….

How did you begin with your art?

Creativity in various forms has always been stirring within me, but I would say in visual form started with short faery stories & pictures while growing up.
I was fascinated with nature and its ancient lore. (Still am).
As I grew older I continued drawing & painting mainly on paper, some wood panels.
It was not until I got older that I realized that there were more materials/mediums to play with …yay! :0)

How would you describe your experience with Etsy?

Etsy is easy to set up, use and regulate.
Enjoyably diverse and inspiring art made easily accessible.
A great community of art, artists…love it!

What advice would you give to a Etsy beginner?

Browse through and get a feel of how Esty runs/flows.
If you intend to sell get some ideas, view other sellers profiles, layouts.
If unsure about anything just ask for some guidance, put that big toe in the water!
Feel inspired & excited?
You will have your own shop up & running in no time!

Do you sell your products on other sites?

Living in the UK I decided set up a shop on Folksy – just recently added dolls
That toe in the water again hee hee

Are you more creative in the morning or evening?

Oh definitely night owl if I can get away with it – Twilight creating preferred!
Calmer, atmospheric but for more detailed work nothing beats daylight!

What do you do for fun?

Erm, Create! Lol

  1. What a wonderful write up and interview ~ loved it! I also like the addition of the slide, very cool new feature!
    Reading about Jasmoon was really lovely, she has such a natural artist feel to her and that generous and genuine nature came through once again.

  2. I think it is so great to read about all the artists featured here. I am truly humbled. Thanks for your support

  3. Wow … I adore her dolls. They are destined to become classic collectibles. You’re right … looking at her work is like stepping into a fairy tale. Thanks for introducing us to Jasmoon!

  4. Wow thank you ladies soooooooo much, such kind words….
    I am very happy, big smile upon my face :o)
    My first ever feature OOooo…love & light Linda & Sharon oxo

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