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This week on my main blog: PhotograBee

March 29, 2011

Weee and we are off its Tuesday Feature time. PhotograBee is one of my Etsy Street Team members and I am wowed is that a word, well anyway see for yourself. Her images are simply divine. Eventho we live in the same part of the mountains she has given me a new insight into my own backyard. I have featured some of my favorite photos from her shop.

Thanks for the interview and read on. Best BL



Where is your hometown?

Sylva, NC

What do you like about where you live now?
Pretty much everything – I love being outdoors and can’t imagine living in a prettier place than Western North Carolina. Sylva is small but has a great vibe – good restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops, a lively downtown at night, etc.

Tell us a little about your daily life. Do you work outside of the home?
I do. I’m an Assistant Reference Librarian at a public library. I’m surrounded by books all day – what could be better? – but while people always assume libraries are such “quiet places to work”, well, they’re not. Every day is an adventure, to say the least!Blush

How did you get started with Etsy?
I was a fan of Etsy for a long time before I took the plunge and opened my own shop. My goal going in was just to have a place to sell prints of some of my favorite photos but without having to rely on it for sole income.
What inspires you?
Nature, music, words, capturing on camera the beauty of the people I love (few things thrill me more), strong emotions of all kinds.

How did you begin with your art?
My dad was an amateur photographer all throughout my childhood and I remember being fascinated with his camera when I was about 10 or so. I inherited that camera a few years later and took photos throughout my teens, then as a Commercial Art major in college I took two years of photography classes and really fell in love with it. It has been my favorite creative outlet since that time. I’m fascinated the most with people and portraits (casual mostly, not posed) but since most of these are of my friends, they’re not in my Etsy shop!

What do you do for fun?Bebe
Read voraciously, obsess over music, camp & hike & swim & bike & fish & garden with my husband, cuddle with our cats, knit badly, enjoy the company of the wonderful friends I have in my life.

How would you describe your experience with Etsy?
Great, actually. I’ve learned some things along the way and had mishaps, but I find I am always pleasantly surprised by how nice Etsians are. It’s such a supportive crafty community.

What advice would you give to an Etsy beginner?
Don’t be afraid to ask fellow Etsy shop owners in your selling genre for advice – I did, and it was invaluable. Also, just have fun and enjoy the experience and don’t let slow sales stress you out.Wild blue

As a buyer and seller what excites you the most about either?
As a seller, it’s always exciting to me to see what photos people respond to the most, or how they express verbally to me what they think of my art prints. Photography has always been so tied in with emotions and feelings for me and so I am fascinated to see what feelings they evoke in others. As a buyer, everything excites me! Ha. I love everything I’ve ever purchased on Etsy and would spend a lot more there if my budget allowed. It’s also important to me to be able to support local and smaller artisans – I’d much rather give my money to them than some big, cookie-cutter business, if at all possible.

How do you deal with orders, do you have a system?
I solely use Mpix for photo processing because, in my opinion, they’re the best and I’m always beyond pleased with their products. I order prints at the time they’re purchased from me on Etsy and have always been happy with how quickly Mpix gets them to me so that I can package them and have them mailed to the buyer shortly thereafter.

What type of packaging do you use or found that works the best. What type of shipping service do you use?
I ship USPS first class and prefer it, and of course, with photo prints, finding a sturdy mailer is always a necessity.Candy apple

What type of payment processing do you use? Have you tried Amazon?
PayPal only, and no, I have not tried Amazon.

Are you on any Etsy teams? If so what do you like about Etsy teams?
I’m a member of the Asheville Etsy Street Team, and Photographers of Etsy. I love the shared experience of being on a team and the mutual support and ideas.

Please recommend someone you would like to see featured on our blog. It does not have to be an Etsy shop.
My friend Megan, who is just getting started on Etsy selling her unique upcycled bottle cap and wire jewelry. Her friends have been big fans and we’ve all encouraged her to open an Etsy shop so that others can enjoy her jewelry as we


Anchorsteam Bottlecap Earrings


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